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Family Groups on this Site
Family (Parents) History Wiki Genealogy DB Photo Gallery Forum/List
Jim Baker & Mildred Harr Baker Harr F19 [BakerHarr (external link)]
Josef Ban & Josefina Jordan Ban Jordan F39 BanJordan [BanJordan (external link)]
Henry Batalion (Andrejewski) & Irene Harr Batalion Harr F15 BatalionHarr
Howard Bobincheck & Theodora Hoffman Bobincheck Hoffman? F8 BobincheckHoffman
Michael Bobincheck & Mary Suhovic Bobincheck Suhovic F6
Asa Lee Cole & Pauline Ban Cole Ban F110 ColeBan
E. Farris & Serilda Horr Farris Horr F175
Antonio Fiorentino & Rachiel Graziano Fiorentino Graziano F7
Jesse Harr & Sadie Brooks Harr Brooks F4 [HarrCoxHoward (external link)]
Leroy (Pat) Harr & Rachael (Dolly) Fiorentino Harr Fiorentino? F26 HarrFiorentino
Jesse Harr & Gladys Howard Harr Howard F14 [HarrCoxHoward (external link)]
Walter Harr & Betty Ann Kosak Harr Kosak F2 HarrKosak [HarrKosak (external link)]
Walter L Harr & Agnes Suhovic Harr Suhovic F1 HarrSuhovic [HarrSuhovic (external link)]
Randolph Harr & Roshan Modi Harr Modi F3 HarrModi
Orville Horr & Mahala Caroline Dennis Horr Dennis F44 [HorrDennis (external link)]
Peter Horr & Elizabeth McKee Horr McKee F45 [HorrMcKee (external link)]
John Jano & Mary Evans Jano Evan F15 [SuhovicJanoEvans (external link)]
Joseph Jordan & Frances Baznik Jordan Baznik F2 [JordanBaznik (external link)]
Franc Jordan & Amalija Biscan Jordan Biscan F46 JordanBiscan
Unknown Jordan & Unknown Turk Jordan Turk? F8 [JordanTurk (external link)]
Louis Kastelic & Antonija Jordan Kastelic Jordan F18 KastelicJordan [KastelicJordan (external link)]
Frank Kosak & Betty Jordan Kosak Jordan F1 KosakJordan [KosakJordan (external link)]
Joe Kosak & Anna Rogelj Kosak Rogelj F12 [KosakZeleRogelj (external link)]
David Kosak & Janice Saba Kosak Saba F5 [KosakSaba (external link)]
Joseph Legan & Franciska Jordan Legan Jordan F11 LeganJordan [LeganJordan (external link)]
Tom Mervar & Mary Kosak Mervar Kosak F4
Peter P Lostoski & Antoiunette A Motiejunas Lostoski Motiejunas F27
Ira Millette & Ruth Farris Millette Farris F176 MilletteFarris [MilletteFarris (external link)]
Ed Millette & Maud Jennier aka
Tilden Wolff and Maud Hesselbach
Millette Jennier? F197 MilletteJennier [MilletteJennier (external link)]
Joe Suhovic & Mary Evans Suhovic Evan F13 [SuhovicJanoEvans (external link)]
Jacob Zele & Anna Rogelj Zele Rogelj F25 [KosakZeleRogelj (external link)]

Sources and Repositories from the genealogical database are not yet supported in this wiki with structures and further description, yet.

Special Family Groups
For completeness, we have special User Groups that are defined like Family Groups with Forums and home pages to foster communication:
The analogy with parallel genetic terms is in reference to the growing importance of the Genetic Genealogy (external link) field to general genealogy research.

Family Group

A Family Group is a collaborative group of descendants that exchange information about what is going on among surviving family members, research into family history, and for the capture of stories on their ancestors. We define a Family Group as being the first cousins (and their parents and offspring). That is, all descendants of some original nuclear family with a set of parents. See the Family Defined page for more information on what constitutes a family.

A Family Group may be mostly second cousins if the first cousins are all (or mostly) deceased. Or third if even later. For relatives more distant than third cousin, the membership in a family group should likely be opt-in instead of opt-out. That is, based on expressed interest and registration. The general User Groups communication mechanism to talk with other researchers may be more useful initially until you find more than one of you interested in exchanging ideas on a more ancient family. View the How To Contribute page for more information. Not everyone is interested in the discovery of details of distant relatives they never knew.

Family Group Naming
Using tradition, we name a family group by listing the husbands last name (i.e. common surname) followed by the wife's maiden name. If a non-traditional family, it is the choice of the family as how to list it. Often, just the two last names are enough to uniquely identify a family. We additionally give the first names in the list chart to aid in discovering who may be a related family. Larger, extended or joint families may be cross linked or both linked to a common, neutral page of interest.

Note that some names are very common. Please verify birth years and other information before asking to join a family group if you are not sure. Sometimes, people with the exact same name (middle name included) lived at very similar addresses in the same town at the same time. So match as much data as you can or contact the moderator to explore further before asking to join if you are not known to them already.

Eventually, the list will be automated and simply the structure table of contents once the software is integrated together. For now, we have a hand-crafted table that includes the links directly back to the genealogical database and photo repository.

Note: living, current family groups will require a login and membership to that family to access information.

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